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Scambio culturale con Thornton Donovan School of New York

Rondine – First Impressions

Benjamin Rufa. September 2016. “Rondine is an experience unlike any other. Having heard of Rondine and its prestigious nature, it can be inferred that those who lay their eyes upon the campus for the first time are welcomed with an eye-opening and interest-garnering sight. A campus housing a small classroom and several rustic buildings around it truly allow for a clash of styles — those of old and new. However, despite Rondine’s size and due to its unconventional nature, studies of great magnitude are allowed to flourish, and learning is no longer a chore.

Having arrived at Rondine, I was expecting a

"Quarto Anno Rondine (QAR) is one of the projects of Rondine Cittadella della Pace that offers an opportunity to the fourth year of Italian high school students to study in an open, international and dynamic environment. This has been the second year that the project...

All'interno dello scambio culturale tra Rondine Cittadella della Pace e la Thornton Donovan School di New York, le nostre Rondinelle d'Oro, ex studenti dell'anno zero del Quarto Anno di Rondine, hanno ricoperto anche il ruolo di formatori. E' stata un'occasione unica di confronto e crescita...

Un volo oltreoceano Lo scambio culturale tra il Quarto Anno Rondine e la Thornton Donovan School of New York presentato dalla Professoressa Maria Stella Ficai, docente di inglese del QAR e docente responsabile del progetto. Lo scambio interculturale tra le due scuole partner - il Quarto anno di...