Rondine with Scholas Occurrentes for “Healthy Nutrition” project

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Our italian students from Rondine’s special project “Quarto Anno”, Costantino Landi, Nina Nicoletti, Emma Manning and Paolo Conte are attending the program “Scholas Citizenship Virtual – Healthy Nutrition”, promoted by Scholas Occurrentes. They have the opportunity to work together with other teenagers from 12 different countries (Argentina, Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Mozambique, India, Haiti, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Australia) in order to identify the main problems regarding food and nutrition, to think about solutions and to encourage a healthy nutrition. The “Rondinelle” decided to focus on two main issues in Italy: Food waste and nutrition insecurity.

The whole class is involved in this program.

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Read the program “Scholas Citizenship Virtual – Healthy Nutrition”